Our Clients - Testimonials

I thought I was getting special treatment but I found out the Abode Team treats all clients this good!"


Professional from the moment I met them through construction till after handover; a dream builder thanks Abode! I'll be back to build again."


We have an awesome house thanks to awesome people and we moved in 8 weeks early!"

Alison & Scott

You can tell a good builder by the after sales service... yours has been great!"

Lee & Kathy

Our house started at the same time as our neighbour. We have had a dream run, moved in early and would build with Abode again. Our neighbour doesn't have the same feelings for their builder."


I knew exactly what I was getting and the price didn't move, Abode is fastidious on paperwork to get started but I am glad we took the time; the build went up in a flash the result... stunning!!"


You guys have been great, love living in the house. Thanks Abode."


The Abode team listened to what we wanted and helped us through the entire process; once all the decisions were made we didn't need to do anything except move in... it was completely stress free."

Andrew & Alison

I go out and have a look a couple of times a week after work. I can not say how impressed I am with the house. Yes I can, wow. Your guys do a great job. Thank you!"


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